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I was looking for an idea to bring you today to decorate the walls that was original, easy and cheap, and boy did I find it. It is an idea that covers the three needs that I like the most and mentioned above. It is easy to carry out, original and inexpensive. Is about decorate the wall with antique spoons and a little paint.

As you can see, the result is fantastic. And believe me, it is very simple to do. Let’s see it.

First we choose the color or colors of paint with which we are going to decorate the spoons. When we have the paint ready, we wet the tips of the spoons.

To dry them, we can stick them to the side of a low table and let them drain as seen in the image, the time necessary until the paint is dry.

As the paint on the spoons is not going to be touched, any paint is valid, it does not matter if it is a special paint for metal, nor do you have to treat the spoons in any way. You just have to clean them well clean and let them dry.

Now that the spoons are decorated, we stick a piece of double-sided tape on each end of the spoon and stick them on the wall.

For the final drawing to look good, it is convenient to make a template, either by computer or by hand of the finished drawing and make the marks on the wall according to our design. That way we will create the pattern we want. In this case, the spoons have been arranged with the tip pointing downwards and others upwards, but the design was previously drawn on a template, then the spoons only had to be glued following the template design.

Photos and project: Ajoyfulriot.


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