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Without a doubt, cushions have always been the most used decorative accessories by all. And it is not surprising because they are textile accessories that thanks to their great multitude of finishes, colors and textures we can decorate any sofa, bed, armchair, chair or the place where we place them.

What if in addition to decorating you could use them to leave notes? For example: Make the room! Or, if you’re going to take a nap, you can put a reminder on your cushion, like: Set the alarm at 5:00 p.m.; or simply to leave fun and original notes that no other cushion will have.

Well now you can do all that thanks to Note Me cushions. They are normal, fluffy and comfortable cushions, but the great peculiarity that these have is that you can write notes on them with a special marker and then erase them, simply by passing the cushion cover under cold water. You also have them available in a wide variety of colors to choose the one that best suits your decoration.

Forget about post its with these original cushions to leave notes. See more details or buy>


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