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Not much less a new species, but it is a new plant that is being massively incorporated into interior decoration for its beauty. I speak, of course, of the Monstera deliciosa or, also called Adam’s rib. Is tropical and climbing plant, from the rainforests of Mexico and Argentina, is making a dent in all contemporary homes, becoming decorative trend, it is a must have.

Photography Pure Sweet Joy

If you have noticed, for a year or so this part, Monstera deliciosa appears in almost all the most popular profiles of social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest. If you have been bitten by the bug and you want one like it or you already have it and want to know more about it, its care and how to combine it, botanical experts Erin Marino and Christopher Stach, from The Sill, give us the keys.

As they tell, Monstera deliciosa is a very easy plant to care for. It is enough to offer moderate natural light and water once a week approximately so that the plant grows and looks healthy. About the length of your life, if well cared for, can last for decades.

This plant needs a lot of light, but indirect. That the sun does not give it directly. Thus, in bright spaces, the plant will thrive properly as long as it is not given direct sunlight. However, in spaces where there is not much natural light, the plant may not fully adapt.

Although it tolerates different kinds of soils, the one that best suits is the one with good drainage.

During the summer, it can be watered more frequently. Every time the ground is dry, for example. But in winter, maybe once every two weeks will be enough. Before watering it you have to look at that the earth is completely dry. Although it can survive in moist soil, it is not ideal. Summarizing: You have to let the land dry between watering and watering.

To join it with other plants, it is better to do it with similar plants in terms of care., so that its maintenance is easier for us. In addition to being beautifully aesthetic when combined with other plants, it also helps her to be healthier, both herself and the rest, since, a large set of plants slightly raises humidity, which benefits tropical plants.

But cannot be planted in the same pot as other plants, no matter how big said pot is, since Monstera secretes a chemical that inhibits the growth of other plants or, in some cases, even kills them.

It should also not be placed near anything that can change the temperature, such as a radiator or air conditioning. Extreme changes in temperature destabilize it. The delicious Monstera needs a stable environment with high humidity. If there is not much humidity we can help ourselves with a humidifier. As Erin Marino and Christopher Stach advise, “The best we can do for any indoor plant is to try to recreate its natural habitat”, within our means, of course.

In addition to their most basic and essential care for the proper maintenance of the Monstera, they also give us some aesthetic advice on what kind of plants to combine it with.

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If we want to create an aesthetic harmony, we can include another type of philodendron or poto, which have leaves with a similar shape. and, furthermore, they require equally similar attention. By joining it with other plants, we enhance the beneficial effect of plants to purify the air at home.

If on the contrary we want to highlight it and create contrast with its wide and large leaves, we can put it together with plants such as fern or sansevieria, They have thin, pointed leaves.

I imagine that almost all of you knew this beautiful exotic and tropical plant. For those who do not, here are some beautiful photos of spaces decorated with this plant so sought after lately. Take note and get inspired to decorate the house with the delicious Monstera.

A bedroom decorated with plants, among them, the Monstera deliciosa. photo: Urbanoutfitters

Photography Bonny und Kleid

Next to the sofa. As long as it has enough light, it is not a bad idea. Actually, anywhere looks good.

Photography Mango and Salt

Have you already fallen in love with this plant, does anyone enjoy it at home? I read you in the comments.

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