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There are the French style gardens or the English style gardens, very well known throughout history. On the other side of the world, Japanese gardens have also expanded. Who would not spend hours and hours looking at one of these Zen gardens?. These Japanese gardens were created as an exclusive space for the ruling elites in Japan. They were places where “important” people found, or at least sought, calm during wartime.

Today, they are still seen as places for recollection, meditation and reflection. Zen gardens find a clear focus on nature. Although a Zen garden is a space created by man, these oriental gardens try to imitate or symbolize natural elements. So, artificial materials such as plastic are not welcome in Japanese garden design. Above all, always look for noble and natural materials such as wood or stone.

Be inspired by the ideas we propose for the decoration of gardens.

10 de August de 20207 de August de 2020 by Katie

If you are one of those who loves green and nature, this post is for you. The plants give an air of freshness and unique vitality; moreover, they reflect our personality and make the home a much more intimate and welcoming place.Do you love taking care of plants and gardening is an anti-stress therapy? Then …

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