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Tiles and tiles are not trend-free, quite the opposite; We have already seen how in a few years subway tiles and, more recently, hexagonal geometric tiles, cover the walls of half the world, and now, in addition, they are joined by fish scale tiles. Some tiles of Arabic character, with a fish scale design in an infinity of finishes. If you are fans of decoration and you often visit the social network Pinterest, surely you have already seen them. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, pay attention, because if you were convinced that the tiles you have chosen, for example, for your bathroom, were the most beautiful in the world, you may change your mind and cancel the order to cover your bathroom walls with these fish scale mosaic tiles.

Calacatta Marble Tile by MandarinStone

This precious of mosaic tiles, they can be found in an infinity of colors and in various finishes: matte, glossy or satin, like most of the tiles available. Not only does their characteristic fish scale shape make them look gorgeous, the contrast of their tones in some of their designs is another factor that makes these tiles are current trend.

Fish Scale Mosaic Tile from Mosaic Tile Direct

Naturally also are available in plain, plain colors, to achieve a somewhat more uniform and homogeneous decoration.

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And, although there are many designs and models, as I have been saying from the beginning, the authentic ones, or the originals, are the Zelliges tiles, some typical Moroccan handmade tiles. Each piece of these tiles is original, individually handmade, with its own tones and colors, unique, after all, to create finishes as beautiful as the one in these images that we see at the bottom of these lines.

The whole set of h & m

These tiles, due to their artisan production, are somewhat expensive, so we can find equally beautiful fish-scale tiles, mass-manufactured, in many current ceramic houses, where the finish, although not so good, is quite spectacular. also, in addition to being easier to install, since it is not done one by one.

Naturcer Fish Scale Tile Colors and Finishes Catalog

By having this particular design, in the shape of a scale, and those so varied shades, a bathroom or kitchen with the walls completely covered with this type of tile may be somewhat ornate. Thus, an almost always correct decision is to create an accent wall with them, either in the bathroom, the kitchen or wherever we say to install them, and complete the rest of the scene with other types of tiles with a simpler design and color.

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In the same way that its color and design influences the final finish of the room, there is another factor to take into account: its size, since there are fish scale tiles, in a larger format than the traditional ones, which create a feeling somewhat less overloaded than their little brothers.

Naturcer tile

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These tiles look great on the walls, but the floors are also worthy candidates for dressing with fish scales, as we can see below.

Photography Apartment Therapy

Naturally, they can also be used for fireplaces and cover the fireplace with a very attractive decorative touch, moving away from the more traditional tile formats.

Photography @Tilometry

Although perhaps the most daring or in love with these moroccan tiles prefer to enjoy them in a less subtle way.

Ondacer tile

Whatever our preference, we can adapt these tiles to it, be it a subtle pattern or an ornate surface with strong colors and character.

Did you know these tiles? Which one do you like the most? Fish scale, subway tile, or hexagonal tiles? I read you in the comments, family.


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