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There’s a lot rules in decoration quite simple to follow that make the task much easier at times, such as the 60%, 30%, 10% color rule, or the odd rule, for example.

And today I wanted to show you the 3-thirds rule. A rule used in the application of the color palette that make up all the elements of a space, such as the floor, furniture, paint, etc., whether in a living room, in a kitchen, or in any other room .

It is a rule inspired by nature itself or by what we see in our own life and day to day.

It is about decorating the space that we are going to decorate in the same way that we see life. Let me explain: The darkest colors (the floor of the street), below; midtones, such as trees or buildings, in the middle; and light tones, like the sky, put them at the top of the room to decorate.

It may seem simple and perhaps somewhat incredible, but it works; and it works great. Let’s see some examples:

Interior design and photography Decor Aid

This is a good example. As we can see, the darkest tones in the bedroom are on the floor.

In the middle part, there are the medium tones, those of the furniture and other accessories that are lighter.

And in the upper part of the entire room, the light tones, the gray of the walls.

Despite being a beautiful bedroom, the overall scene breathes balance through every pore. Don’t you think?

Easy and effective.

It is not a rule that must be used by force every time we are going to decorate a space. Rather, it is like a tool that we always have at hand and that we can turn to whenever we need it to achieve a balanced and “orderly” space.

What do you think? Does it seem effective? I read you in the comments.

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