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The Spanish furniture firm Lagrama has released in its catalog a new system of modular wardrobes called Dressbox that has completely conquered me.

It is a modular and stackable system of incredible versatility and with a most avant-garde design, which allows us to design our own wardrobe, regardless of the space we have, in order to make the most of it, adding a touch of design, color and texture.

So, if you need a wardrobe that adapts perfectly to your home, in addition to your style, follow me along as I present you this new system that contains all the solutions, since in addition to the fact that its modules are stackable and combinable, they are also customizable, in a huge range of finishes and colors, as we will see below.

Dressbox modular wardrobe composed of low and high modules in different interior colors

By means of its two groups of modules, high and low, and their combination, the wardrobe that we need can be created, as we see above these lines.

Thus, thanks to the fact that the wardrobe is assembled thanks to the lower and upper modules that are stackable, we can create a wardrobe, for example, high on one side and low on the other, ladder, symmetrical, asymmetrical, or as best we can. seem to adapt it to our space and architecture.

For total customization, there are also different types of modules, such as low drawer modules, drawers or folding doors, as well as toy cabinets, shoe racks, pull-out tables or benches, thus being able to create a practical, versatile wardrobe that meets all our demands, and add a plus of style to our room, as we are going to see right now.

Modules and finishes

Modular Dressbox wardrobe that combines high and low modules, all from Lagrama.

In this case, high modules have been combined with low modules that are drawers and swing doors, and a totally personalized wardrobe has been created, not only in design to adapt it to a room, but also in aesthetics, combining two shades of green precious blue tones and creating a most modern wardrobe that has become the protagonist of the space.

Seeing this spectacular wardrobe design, a new world of decorative options has been opened to me, and not only for adult bedrooms, but also for some wide passage areas such as corridors, where sometimes the space is used to install a system of storage, or also for youth bedrooms, as we see below:

Modular Dressbox wardrobe and Airbox shelf, all from Lagrama.

In this case we see how high and low modules have been adapted to create a custom wardrobe for a youth bedroom. In addition to the Dressbox modules, in this case an Airbox shelf has also been used in a beautiful warm red shade that combines wonderfully with white.

Do not tell me that you do not think it is a perfect solution to furnish and decorate a youth bedroom. Versatile, modern and practical.

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Thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes available, these modules offer us a wonderful opportunity to add color to spaces that are as grateful for color as youth bedrooms, where color accents are so appropriate.

And the children too, as we can see below:

Modular Dressbox wardrobe and Cottage bed, all by Lagrama.

In this beautiful children’s room we see, in addition to the Cottage bed and the desk, also by Lagrama, a wardrobe composed of high and low units with wooden fronts in light tones and interiors in a charming blue.

And, of course, we can also customize the interior of the cabinets in terms of color and finishes. Below these lines we see the inside of that closet:

Let’s see another example of a children’s bedroom where this system has been used:

Children’s bedroom created with Cottage bunk bed and Dressbox wardrobe, all by Lagrama.

In addition to the signature Cottage beds and desks, white Dressbox modules with wood accents and matching knobs in different sizes have been added, creating a magazine bedroom.

Leaving the exteriors aside, which as we have seen we can adapt them to any space, let me now show you the power of the interiors:


To all this incredible range of exterior and interior customization that we have seen, we must also add the interior dividers and organizers available and necessary to configure the interior of the cabinets, such as drawers, drawers, hangers, coat racks or shelves, among others:

The solutions that this Dressbox range has is a complete compendium of dividers and other systems to structure the wardrobe to our liking and that it satisfies our demands with a practical and versatile interior, and, moreover, very, very beautiful.

And not only the interior, we can also find very original exterior accessories, as we see below:

In this other children’s bedroom we see that different high and low Dressbox modules have been used, together with the beautiful Cottage bunk bed, and as a detail to leave the clothes outside, an exterior accessory in red has been added, which allows us to hang and have the clothes organized and handy, perfect to leave the day-to-day clothes or prepare them for as soon as we raise the children to have them ready.

And beyond the traditional spaces to put a closet, such as bedrooms, rooms and passageways, this system is so versatile that it even allows us to design the cabinets to, for example, create our home office:

Office created with Dressbox and Addliving modules from Lagrama.

In this case, the Dressbox wardrobe modules in elegant grayish brown have been combined with the Addliving system to create a modern and practical office, where you can work or study comfortably with a nice plus of modern design.


Another element that we can configure in the Dressbox system is the closet doors, since, depending on our space, we may need one door or another. In this sense, Dressbox cabinets have two different types of doors:


Modular wardrobe composed of two high and two low modules with hinged doors plus Airbox shelf.

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If you don’t have space problems and you can open the doors normally, this model of doors would be recommended. Do not tell me that it does not seem like a perfect combination to furnish a bedroom with style and good taste.


However, if any area of ​​the wardrobe is too close to another element, and you cannot open the doors from that side, then folding doors like the ones we see above these lines in the modular wardrobe would be perfect: They allow you to comfortably access the entire wardrobe, no matter how small the space is in some areas.

Let’s continue, which can still be further customized:

Pulls, knobs and handles

To finish off the whole set and make this modular wardrobe system the perfect option, there are the wide variety of handles, knobs and opening systems that the collection has, which are absolutely precious, as you will be able to see right now. .

They are not just any handles or knobs, but each one has been carefully thought out and designed to add an aesthetic and functional plus to the wardrobe, giving it character and style.

So much so that it is going to be difficult for me to decide for one or the other when I have to design a closet for one of my clients using this system. Let me show you the ones that I liked the most.

This is one of my favorites, the edge handle, for its subtle and elegant design that, thanks to the fact that you can choose from a huge range of colors, can give the wardrobe a perfect design touch. Ideal for minimalist or more modern spaces, where straight and pure lines dominate the space.

Another one that I also loved is the one we see below these lines:

It is a very elegant and modern knob in horizontal format and with simple lines that can become the perfect accent for the whole room when combined with other elements of the space. A perfect element to add a color accent to the space in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Let’s see another:

In sausage format, another handle that can be very good, especially in children’s spaces. In addition, it is available in very different colors and three sizes, large, medium and small to adapt it to the different sizes of the high and low modules, drawers or drawers.

There are many other shooters in the collection. Here you can see them all.

As I said at the beginning, this stackable and modular wardrobe system by Lagrama has totally conquered me due to its enormous possibilities, since it can be adapted to any style, solving the storage problems of any space and giving the room style and character. . Now that you’ve met them, has it also conquered you?

You can see the entire catalog and options on their website.


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