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DTile is an amazing relatively new tile system, designed by the Dutch Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Visser Arnout, which allows to cover any surface, whether curved, angular or faceted, in a continuous way, thanks to the tile system of construction that adopts the shape of the surface, turning into a three-dimensional tile, achieving totally uninterrupted finishes.

Not only that, the DTile tile and tile system also incorporates function tiles, in the shape of a hanger, sockets, switches, drains, drawers, smoke and ventilation outlets, shelves, speakers, and many other shapes, such as supports for towels, so that if all we want is to tile the bathroom without even installing a towel rail, or a toothbrush holder, we can do it, thanks to the infinite variety of practical applications for tiles, achieving an attractive continuous surface.

As they tell us on their official website, for them, “the world would be totally covered with tiles, but the problem is that the tiles are flat, while the world is not.” With DTile tiles, which take on any practical shape, you get closer to your dream of a world covered with tiles.

Unlike the latest and novel innovations in the world of tiles, which focus on creating increasingly complex and visually attractive pieces, DTile maintains a smooth, extremely simple format, measuring 15 x 15, and in a range of 20 solid colors; but the great visual attraction is the ability to cover and personalize the bathroom thanks to the multiple construction and function tiles, continuously, offering a clean and simple aesthetic, where everything is integrated; almost futuristic.

Seeing the format so simple, one might think, then, that the bathrooms, kitchens or spaces covered with these tiles would obtain an old and boring aesthetic, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is precisely that simplicity, which gives a clean and continuous look, making the spaces more modern and avant-garde; spaces with a plus of order and visual satisfaction, as we see below.

DTile tiles allow architects and interior designers to further enhance their creativity, with an ingenious solution for any surface that requires tiling.

Photos and information: DTile

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