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The egyptian decor is based on a specific civilization or people, that’s why getting this decoration style it is not complicated at first. It is a style that hides a lot of decoration culture, as they were pioneers in using many painting techniques and introducing many of the materials that are used today to decorate a house. For example, stucco or the stucco technique, they were the first to use it.


The furniture is simple in structure. Light wood furniture or wood in general should be avoided as much as possible, since the Egyptians had little raw material to obtain wood.

Black leather armchairs or sofas are good furniture, and other furniture such as tables or chairs can be painted black or gold.

If we have wooden floors, they have to be polished and very shiny. And if it is dark wood better.

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The colors that cannot be missing in this decoration are gold and black, earth colors are also included but very subtly.

If we choose to choose a painting technique, the main one would be stucco, or some earth effect using black, gold or earth colors.

Click here to see how a stucco is made

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The accessories can be objects such as Egyptian statues, vases, gold plates, bronze, papyri, Egyptian paintings that contain hieroglyphics. Another very important complement for this style of decoration is the rugs.

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