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Today in Thousand Ideas, from our section “Eco-Decoration“, We introduce you to Electree Mini. Is a solar charger of a beautiful and elegant minimalist bonsai design, and that in its branches it has small solar panels, which capture the sunlight and store it in small batteries, imitating the process of photosynthesis. In this way, this energy is ready to be used to charge any gadget that we have at home, such as mobile phones, double A and triple A rechargeable batteries, watches, or any other small electronic device.

This invention has been created by French designer Vivien Muller. Its small solar panels are flexible, and can be manipulated and adapted in different directions in order to obtain a greater capture of light.

It has a USB connection that perfectly charges most devices including Smartphone, but it is not yet adapted to charge tablets or Ipads.

It is capable of charging double A batteries in 2 to 4 hours on a sunny day, and in 48 hours on a cloudy day, as indicated by its creator.

Electree Mini can also be used as a lamp, since when night comes, it turns on automatically and if we turn the solar panels, the sensors react and the light changes color.

This eco-invention, in addition to being sustainable and beneficial for the environment, due to its modern and minimalist design, is also capable of decorating a space in a very elegant way, since when it becomes a lamp, design and functionality capturing the attention of all eyes.

In addition to the Electree Mini, there is also the maxi version, the Electree, in case the mini version falls short. Hopefully it can soon be marketed in Spain. While we will wait for him with open arms.

More information | Vivien Muller.


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