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Due to the reduced space of the current bathrooms, and not so current, we have no other option than to maximize the space and use all our ingenuity to furnish it in such a way that we can use it comfortably whatever its space.

And also due to the small space available in the bathrooms, the designers adapt to the demands of the general consumer and offer us furniture and special bathroom sets for small bathrooms, with all the luxury of practical details so that, even if the furniture is the right size, it does not prevent us from saving, organizing and getting the most out of it.

And an example of what we mean is this bathroom furniture set called Tamara. It is elegant, practical, minimalist and with a very modern design that will give your bathroom a very modern look.

The bathroom set consists of a washbasin with refined and elegant lines, an ideal suspended base unit because it is possible to take advantage of the gap underneath, and a practical mirror cabinet that, in addition to providing us with the essential mirror, provides us with a large storage space. everything you need.

These bathroom furniture They are made of MDF, a highly aesthetic and resistant material due to the combination of wood and synthetic fibers subjected to extreme tests of temperature and pressure, this material is the latest trend in contemporary furniture manufacturing.

In addition, this set comes with an extra decoration plus, and that is that its handles are interchangeable, being able to choose between black, red and green according to what you like or adapt to the bathroom decor. The handles can be changed quickly and easily so you can give your bathroom a different look whenever you want.

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