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I did not know the great convenience that a pocket drain provides until I started using one. Before I would come home and leave half of the things on the hall, the other on the table and some other object in another place, and then I would go crazy most of the time to find something when I was in a hurry or without they. But they gave me an empty pocket, I put it on the coffee table and I really regret not having one much earlier. So now, every time I see one that catches my attention, I like to show it to you, and today I found one in the shape of a very original skull.

Not much to say about this empty skull-shaped pockets. The image in this case speaks for itself. Perhaps the most curious thing apart from its skull shape is that you can put the glasses on it instead of putting them in the hole it has to store them. For the rest, it serves its function like any other empty pockets, the only thing that this has an original skull shape that can give a special and original touch to the hall or the coffee table or the place where you want to place it. See more details or buy >>

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