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People who have a space in their home dedicated exclusively to the garden are fortunate to have a piece of nature at their leisure. And well they know enjoy your beautiful garden everyday. But in order to enjoy this garden as it deserves, it needs some care, at least basic, so that it looks good, healthy and beautiful. They are care that all garden lovers should know how to apply to your plants, trees, shrubs or any other type of plant that you grow in your green space.

So, we have prepared this article with basic or essential tips a garden needs to stay in “good shape”, in addition to necessary tools and other recommended accessories, that every good lover of flowers, plants, and, ultimately, gardens, needs in their precious piece of paradise. Let us begin.

Care and maintenance of the lawn, plants, shrubs and trees in the garden.

To water:

Water is one of the essential nutrients for all life on this planet, so it is vitally important that the plants that inhabit our garden always have the water they need, neither more nor less. It is as or more important that they are not lacking as they are in excess. What’s more, it is better to have a little shortage than to have too much water.

Avoid watering in the hours when there is more sun. Preferably water in the morning, very early, or when the sun is setting.

Also avoid wetting the flowersTry to pour the water at the base of the stem, on the ground.

If the plants are always exposed to the sun, add a little more water to their irrigation.


Fertilizers are other nutrients that are equally essential for the cultivation and good growth of the plants that we have in the garden. For them to look and grow healthy, every year they must be added some type of fertilizer.

You have at your disposal a multitude of different organic fertilizers, such as ashes, that come from natural woods without varnishing or painting; manure, which is made from fermented animal feces; compost, the result of the decomposition of organic matter such as branches, plants and many other herbs; peat or worm humus, considered one of the best organic fertilizers; or guano, excrements of seabirds and bats, and other fertilizers that we can find in specialized stores such as LetsBrico, for example, in their section Care and maintenance of the garden: See all compost.

Fertilizer – Compost

To compost, spread, in autumn or winter, a layer of at least 2cm of compost, and bury it lightly with the hoe.

However, the lawn needs more fertilizer, so fertilize the parts of the garden that have grass at least twice a year.

The compost, together with adequate water for irrigation, plus sunlight, will properly nourish the plants or trees that you have in your garden so that they grow healthy and beautiful.

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If, for whatever reason, your garden has an area of ​​artificial grass, or is completely covered with this type of grass, it also needs some care and maintenance to make it last as long as possible and, of course, in the best condition.

For artificial grass, you have to sweep, or rather, brush frequently. This way we will remove dust, pet hair, and everything that the wind can blow.

Wash it off with a hoseThis way we can remove bird droppings, mud or any drink that has been spilled, for example.

Watch out for weeds: If the grass is laid on dirt or any other natural surface, it may appear. If so, it is not enough to tear them off, you will have to use a herbicide.

In summer water it for a couple of minutesNothing more than to refresh it, since excess humidity can cause the appearance of fungi. If these appear, a fungicide must be used.

And, if you are contemplating the option of placing synthetic grass in your garden, there are, generally, two types, which we will see below:

Decorative grass. This is usually the most suitable lawn for a home, to be placed next to the pool or terrace. There are many types of this grass, which differ in their resistance, drainage capacity or are very similar to natural grass. The more characteristics of these they meet, the more expensive they will be.

The other kind of grass, is the sports. As its name suggests, this type of grass is much more resistant to the transit of people and is used in soccer fields, tennis, etc.

In LetsBrico, in its category Artificial grass, you have everything you need, from different lawns, to materials necessary for its proper maintenance and installation. See lawns and other materials.

Now that we have seen how to take care of the plants’ environment correctly, we must make them grow healthy and correctly, pruning them, and controlling pests and other possible diseases.


Although certain plants or shrubs can be slightly pruned if something strange or sick is observed, each plant or type of plant has its appropriate months for pruning. Trees, shrubs or rose bushes, for example, are pruned in winter. If they are spring-flowering trees or shrubs, you have to wait for the tree to bloom, after winter, as its flowers could be seriously damaged if we can them before.

Before doing a good pruning, be properly informed about what type of tree it is so as not to prune it at the wrong time.

Eliminate twigs, damaged or diseased parts, dry branches, branches that invade the neighbor or the street, past flowers and fruits, so that the plant or tree acquires strength, vigor and its flowering and growth are favored.

Pruning is as important as a good tool to do it. We must always purchase the correct tools and keep them in good condition. They must be clean and sharp. Scissors, clippers, axes, hoes, bow saws, etc. Today we do not even need to go to the hardware store for these tools, because from home, thanks to the Internet, we can buy them with complete confidence. In many specialized online stores, they have a category called Garden Tools, where you can find quality tools at a great price for the care and maintenance of your garden.

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Plant pests and diseases:

If we have carried out the previous steps, our plants will grow healthy and strong, and, therefore, will be more resistant to the attack of any pest, but, even so, we will never be sure that our garden is free of pests, as it is one of his biggest weaknesses. Therefore here we will see some tips to prevent these pests.

Must try to water just enough. If we exceed water, the high humidity will favor the proliferation of insects, especially ants and fungi. You have to avoid creating puddles with the water, using only just enough.

Disinfect the soil and the extra compost that we add so that the plants grow healthy. It is convenient to disinfect the fertilizers and the earth that we add so as not to add new insects that they may bring. To do this we can use hot water.

The leaves that have been attacked by fungi, cut them.

After a rain, worms, snails, caterpillars and other insects are likely to appear in the garden. Stay tuned and eliminate them.

Check the garden often for anthills or caves for other insects, and if you see them, remove them. Here you can read 15 home remedies to eliminate ants and other garden pests.

You don’t just have to protect yourself against insects. Larger animals like rabbits, cats, dogs and even man in his “hooligan” mode can ruin your garden. So, if you don’t have a good fence, it is vitally important that you get one for the entire garden or, if you only have an unfenced area, for that area. There are fences and fences of many kinds and types to suit your needs. Treated wood fences, single or triple twist mesh, electrowelded mesh, decorative mesh, etc. All of them can be found on LetsBrico in its Fencing category. See all meshes.

Finally, find out as many times as you are, as you are doing right now, to keep up to date with pests, know their cures, their effects, their symptoms and protection methods. We must anticipate the pests so that they do not gain ground and have our garden well protected.

These have been some basic tips for gardeningNaturally, in each tip or point of this article, you can go much deeper, but by following these tips and asking what we don’t know, we can keep the garden in good condition, making the plants grow healthy and strong; pretty, after all, and preventing pests or fighting them as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or want to go deeper into a point in question, leave a comment. I read you, family;)

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