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The feng shui decoration It is based on areas, and the first area we must deal with is the entrance, so we will write how to decorate the areas according to the relevance they have in Feng Shui and the first area is the hall and the entrance of the house.

The first thing who comes to our house sees is the front door. As we know, this door represents the outer and inner limits of our house, our privacy. For this reason, it is essential that it be as well decorated as possible. Depending on how they see it, they will take one impression or another without having seen the whole house and that impression will transmit a negative or positive energy. Here are some tips so that the entrance of our house is perfect.

Keep the part that faces the outside of the door clean, if possible have a plant. A nice doormat and that the door looks neat.

If the door looks chipped or sagging or old we can fix it ourselves. It is also important that the door opens properly, does not make noise, that the key enters effortlessly, etc.

We also have to pay attention to the bell, we have to put one that is not squeaky or very loud, rather delicate with a pleasant tone.

Once we pass the front door, we immediately find the hall or the entrance of the house.

The hall or entrance must be clean, unobstructed, well lit, with the necessary furniture, and no furniture points with a pointed corner towards the door. If we put an air freshener or some natural flowers our guests will thank us. The smell is important, but not strong, but a mild smell. They will also thank us if they find a coat rack at hand, more specifically on the right side of the entrance, to make it easier for them to leave coats and other objects.

With these simple tips you will let the energy flow correctly to the next area of ​​the house, because that is what the Feng shui, from make the energy of our house flow freely and in good harmony.


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