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13 de October de 2020 by Katie

What doubt is there about the importance of flowers to decorate the house or any event? Whether on time or on a regular basis, decorating the house with flowers and plants is a fantastic habit, which makes the house smell and look better: more beautiful and cheerful. But everything has a “but”, worth the redundancy; …

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They have always been important and beneficial, but now, plants, herbs and flowers are becoming more important in interior decoration for their many benefits, demonstrated by numerous studies made lately, as we will see in this article. We have already talked in Mil Ideas a lot about benefits of having indoor plants that purify the …

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Photo: Loveyourroom Children’s bedrooms should be happy, colorful places, full of color and joy so that their environment stimulates the development of the little inhabitant who occupies that room. For this reason, we must strive to create fresh and original environments and above all very personal, where we can play with the tastes of the …

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