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To get a current, modern bathroom, you have to rely on all its accessories, both aesthetics, such as tiles and other accessories, as well as practical ones, toilets, shower or bathtub and, of course, furniture. In this sense, furniture with straight lines and suspended is the most suitable. By no means do I want to say that they are the only ones to achieve a modern bathroom, but they are the most effective. Its simple, minimalist appearance and its suspended location give the bathroom a very modern look. Are you looking furniture for a modern bathroom? Join me and get to know these proposals.

For large bathrooms, or where a lot of storage space is needed, there are suspended bathroom furniture with very current finishes, completing very, very modern bathrooms, like the one we see in the image above, consisting of the Cronos collection, by Salgar and sold in Banium. You can see more details of this set here.

For bathrooms, say, medium sizeNaturally, there is also a lot of variety available when it comes to suspended furniture. The one we see in the image above is the Noja set, manufactured by the firm Salgar and sold by Banium. In addition to being suspended and with very elegant straight lines, its white lacquered finish adds a very suggestive plus of today. It takes up little space, both physically and visually speaking, dressing the bathroom with great style. See more details of this bathroom furniture set here.

For the small bathrooms It is not that there are also suspended furniture, but that these are almost essential in these spaces. They take up little space, without recharging the environment, and their appearance and design gives us a very modern plus for a modern decoration. The one we see in the image above is the Smart set manufactured by the Gamma firm and sold by Banium. See more details here.

If we don’t like bathroom furniture suspended for whatever reason, furniture with feet or legs, traditional, have evolved in their design to adapt to the new requirements of current owners who demand modern and contemporary furniture to achieve an environment in the very modern bathroom, like the set that we see above these lines, called Style, manufactured by Visobath and sold by Banium. The chrome legs and its minimalist lines make it a very modern piece of furniture without overloading the space. See more details here.

Not only furniture with lacquered and gloss finishes favors a modern bathroom. Furniture finished in natural wood, obviously they are equally appropriate, as long as the lines and their design accompany it, as in the one we see in the image above these lines, finished in natural wood, with chrome legs and straight and simple lines. A warm and very elegant piece of furniture called Arenys, manufactured by Salgar and sold by Banium. See more details here.

Or this other bathroom set consisting of a mirror with a sandblasted frame and a modern and elegant floor cabinet finished in gloss white, with silver details. A piece of furniture that stands out for its simplicity and elegance. If this model seems too cold and we are looking for something warmer, it is also available in oak wood. And if we prefer it suspended, it is still available. He Matty set, is manufactured by the Grup Gamma firm and sold by Banium. You can see more details here.

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