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If you are one of those who loves green and nature, this post is for you. The plants give an air of freshness and unique vitality; moreover, they reflect our personality and make the home a much more intimate and welcoming place.Do you love taking care of plants and gardening is an anti-stress therapy? Then here you will find new inspiration to give a new face to your garden.You don’t have time or desire to dedicate to plants, but you like them? You’re sure to find a design that suits you because of its low maintenance.Here we will give you great ideas, no matter the size of your garden, your budget or the amount of free time.

So take note!

Make the most of the sun

The first thing you have to see when it comes to good garden design is how the sunlight will affect it. Which areas will be the most illuminated, and at what time of day they will be most exposed. Based on this, define the place where you will put the plants.
Flowering species usually get along very well with the sun. And if you have to put them all together to receive their rays, don’t worry, they will look beautiful with a good design.

garden sunlight

Intimate and Cozy Garden

If you have a small space, take advantage of all the edges to fill them with plants. That wall that used to look like a prison wall can now be a big curtain of plants that makes you feel embraced by nature. Most vines grow very fast and hold up well.

Intimate garden

The Advantage of Pots

Maybe you live in a rented place or you are one of those who enjoy permanently renewing the decoration. Then design your garden with plants of various shapes and sizes in nice pots.
If you move, you can take them with you and if not, you can redistribute them and have a new garden every season.

The advantage of Pots

Summer Flowers

Summer brings us warmth and color. Take advantage of it by buying small flower plants. They are inexpensive, so when the summer passes, you can easily replace them with other stronger species.

Summer Flowers

Color Changing Plants

If you want a renewed garden in every season and without having to move a finger, then plant these conifers that change from green and blue to orange and red depending on whether it’s summer or winter. Beautiful!

Color changing plants

Beautiful roads

The paths are used to delimit spaces and allow you to comfortably walk around the garden. You can make them with gravel, stone, clay tiles, grass or wood.

Beautiful Roads

To enhance the beauty of this path you can place tall plants on each side of the path, like the photograph you can see below with the lavenders in flower. Note that it enhances the beauty of the stones, which looks like a fairy tale space.

Beautiful Roads

In this other photograph you will be able to see a path made with wooden circles of different sizes, where you can also see the grain of the wood and which looks great with the green color of the plants. With this option you can get a very rural path.

Beautiful Roads

Gardens in Little Space

You don’t have to have a big garden to put dedication and effort into its design. On the contrary, if you have a small space, study all the possibilities to make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Little Space Gardens

Plants that Save Time

Cactus and succulents are the most faithful, adaptable and durable plants. They can survive on very little water and adapt to any climate.
In addition, there are now many varieties that you can play with to have a mini garden that does not give you any work and makes you happy all year round.


The best thing about this type of plant is that you can use them both in the ground and in a pot, no matter how good the soil is, because they are very resistant and they quickly become attached to the soil. At the same time, they look great by combining cactus and succulent plants because of the two heights they have, which means that they generate a beautiful visual image, as you can see in these photos.


Cactus and Stones: Proof of Everything

This option is ideal for very severe climates, such as inclement summers or extreme winters. Also, if your garden lacks shade or if you are on a budget.


Protagonist Trees

Do you have large trees already planted that are preventing you from landscaping well? Well, I have to tell you that it’s all about creativity. Make the most of the shade they offer, give the older people in the garden a chance to play a leading role and make sure they don’t get in the way of doing what you want.

Protagonist Trees

Vertical Gardens

These innovative systems have their advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, they allow the walls to be filled with more than just ivy, but on the other hand, they can generate humidity “on the other side of the wall”. One solution is to build vertical pots.
In this case, place the plants that require more water on top; the others will be watered by decanting the first ones.


If you do not have much space to make a vertical garden or you want to opt for a more economical vertical garden, you can create your own vertical garden with pallets. In this type of garden you can include aromatic plants, succulents, cactus or all those you like.


Clean and minimalist

It’s the trend now. Reloaded gardens are history. Now, a big lawn rug and your favorite plant are enough to achieve a clean and relaxing environment.

Clean And Minimalist Clean And Minimalist

A Gravel and Grass Board

Good garden design does not require a huge investment, but originality. This checkerboard of gravel and grass makes costs and maintenance cheaper. It combines the colors of the pot to achieve the effect of a large checkerboard.

Gravel And Grass Board

Integrated Pool

If you have a pool, consider it and integrate it into your garden design.

Integrated Pool

Super Modern Garden

This round platform made of concrete and placed on a small pond, is amazing. Not to mention the water mirror on the wall and the benches for you to sit and contemplate such an ingenious creation.

Modern Garden

Why and for whom

The first thing you have to define is how you will use your garden and who will enjoy it. If you have small children, let the grass predominate to protect them. If you have animals, the stones, so that they do not destroy the grass. Always give priority to the functionality of your space.

garden for Who

A garden for social events

If your priority is to receive guests and to spend as much time outside as possible, then have the plants accompany you without invading and not taking up any of your time so that you can take advantage of it with your friends. A few well-chosen and strategically placed plants will do the job.

Garden For Social Events

For the Kids

That having unruly children doesn’t stop you from having a dream garden. Design a special area for them and everyone will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Garden For The Kids

Simple and Creative Ideas

With little money and a few pieces you can create beautiful decorations to personalize your garden and make it the envy of the neighborhood. Like this metal watering can, which instead of water, waters lights!

Simple And Creative Ideas Gardening

Landscaping can be a super fun, enjoyable and de-stressing activity. Let yourself play and invent, and you’ll see that everything around you will literally be green.

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