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Either because we like minimalism even to hang coats and jackets or because there are some ugly nails or spikes visible on the walls, these green plastic sprouts They are perfect to hide or embellish those little details.

He designer Jeong Hwa Jin, has found a simple and ingenious solution to mask those possible nails or spikes that appear from the walls of the house. A cover that imitates a green sprout with two leaves It’s all we need to fill the walls with life instead of looking ugly and nasty finishes.

The intention of its designer when creating these plastic sheets, was not only hide nails, spikes and other possible elements protruding from the walls, but beautify them. Thus, we can also use these green covers to create an original and practical key holder, or a minimalist coat rack, or make a small plastic garden grow by filling the wall with green leaves.

Unfortunately, we have not found any reference on where to buy these green shoots or even if they are for sale, but seeing how easy it is to hide a nail, surely you can think of a thousand ideas to, from now on, decorate or cover them. Here you can see more ideas to hide and cover the small flaws of a home.


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