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Although they have been with us for several years, it is now when we are seeing the trend of using ceramic tiles with hexagonal geometric designs has reached every corner of this world.

Magazines, blogs, social networks … In all of them we see beautiful patterns on the walls made up of tiles that, either are hexagonal in shape, or their drawing creates hexagons on the walls.

And this new trend is applicable both in bathrooms and kitchens, living rooms or passageways such as stairs.

Depending on the size and design of the tile, these hexagons decorate every corner of every home.

Have you been thinking about install tiles or hexagon tiles at home? Look at these proposals that we bring, so you can get inspired.

Naturally, where these hexagonal tiles shine the most is in bathrooms and kitchens, where tiles are the most demanded option due to their resistance to humidity and the passage of time.

Thanks to its geometric design, we can give life to bathrooms only with them. Combining colors creates attractive patterns and designs that attract a lot of attention.

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The bathrooms covered with this type of tile acquire another dimension, they are striking, contemporary, current; and they combine with all kinds of environments and materials. Both lacquered furniture with straight lines and copper, brass, wood, and other vintage or industrial materials.

Whatever decorative style we are looking for, these tiles adapt to the circumstances. Real works of art can be created on the wall by combining different colors or shades of the same color.

You can buy these tiles here.

For the kitchen fronts they are another great alternative to the classic subway tile that we are also seeing a lot lately.

Even if it is in small spaces, you might think that these tiles would recharge said space, they do not. Naturally, it also depends on what color or finish we choose. For small spaces, in brightness and light colors, such as whites and grays, they are a success.

In larger spaces we can “play” more with its wide variety of designs, installing larger tiles and creating patterns, even in 3 dimensions. In these cases, the size of the space gives us a wider margin to “play” with your design.

The combination of these tiles with others that are also a current trend, the meter type tiles, are a beautiful and attractive combination.

They are not only in plain. These tiles can also be found with bevels and relief to create walls … well, extraordinary.

The floors covered with this type of tiles also acquire another dimension, more depth.

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Due to the immense range of different colors they offer us great versatility.

We can achieve serene, calm but current environments, or striking environments, even bordering on the strident.

The delicate, the subtle, fits perfectly with the excessive attention that these tiles demand. They become the main focus of attention.

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Did you know the tiles with hexagonal pattern or pattern? Do you prefer this design, the subway tiles or a combination of both? I read you in the comments.

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