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We have already told you a lot about murals in a thousand ideas, but today we would like to talk to you, not about how to place a wall mural, or where to buy it, if not from characteristics of high-quality wall murals. And is that when looking for a professional finish, you have to resort to high-quality wall murals. Therefore, in the following lines we will show you the characteristics that a mural should have so that it is of high quality and the result is identically perfect.

The base material for high-quality wall murals:

The material on which the murals are printed is composed of a cellulose back and textured PVC coating. This is the part that is glued to the wall. This type of composition is what allows the installation of the photomural to be as simple and effective as possible, while offering a very high resistance to any type of abrasion. In addition, once installed, this material is waterproof so it prevents any stain from coming out and if it does, clean it easily with a damp cloth without fear of damaging the mural, as could happen with low-quality wallpapers.

The sheets of a good wall mural are about half a millimeter thick. With this we already tell you enough. You only have to look when you go to buy, in the thickness of the mural, if it is as thin as a folio or something else, it is simply bad.

The fact that the thickness of a good mural is this, in addition to allowing a simple and perfect placement, guarantees that it will last for the years it has to last thanks to its great resistance.

Print type of high-quality wall murals:

We have already talked about the back of the mural, now we are going to see the most attractive part, the front, where the drawing is located. Alta wall murals use an image printing system using ultraviolet curing ink technology.

This technique results in a very high and high quality image anchor. For this reason, these wall murals do not lose color or shine over the years as it happens with cheap wallpapers. They can also be cleaned with water and cloths thanks to the high resistance of the mural itself, as well as the resistance of the inks that have been printed on it.

This printing system offers the longest durability on the market, so when you are looking for a professional and durable finish, it is convenient to spend a little more money and have the peace of mind that the finish will be perfect.

Well, now that you know more about wall murals, you can ask the seller exactly what you are looking for.

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