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The marble, is one of the most precious materials when choosing the flooring for a home due to its incredible variations in durability, versatility, color and elegance, which is why it is used on floors, tiles, countertops or walls. It is, par excellence, the preferred stone for construction and decoration, as it can last a lifetime with a maintenance and proper care for proper conservation.

Marble, although very resistant and durable, has a drawback, which is that it is a very porous material and any product easily penetrates it causing more than one headache if care is not taken. But if you act quickly and effectively there is no need to worry. Therefore, so that you know what to do at every moment that you stain the marble floor today we have prepared a series of cares and tips for its correct maintenance.

Tips for cleaning marble.

The first thing we have to take into account is that marble, although it seems the opposite, is a sensitive material, therefore we will never use abrasive substances such as bleach, therefore, always water and mild soap.

Being a porous material, it must be avoid letting moisture Put it on the stone, if any liquid is spilled, clean the stain immediately and always dry. After scrubbing the floor, it is advisable to wipe it with a mop to avoid any traces of moisture.

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It is advisable to give a wax layer to the floor, so that it protects its natural shine, is easier to clean and to create a protective film against possible stains that may arise. Don’t go overboard either, because if you give it many layers of wax, the marble will darken, and from white it can turn to yellow marble in no time.

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When you use lemon or vinegar to clean a stain, always rinse with soap and water. And dry with a soft cloth to remove moisture.

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To procure do not soil the floorTry not to walk on it with your shoes going out, wearing slippers at home is the best option. Also be careful to dry the floor when you get out of the shower. A good idea is to use carpets at the highest traffic points.

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Experts say that it is better to scrub marble floors with distilled water, as it does not leave marks or traces of drops.

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It is advisable to give a machine polished Every 4 or 5 years, when polishing, it regains its brightness and natural color, in addition to removing stains, it will facilitate cleaning the floors.

If the floor has difficult stains such as scratches, burns or very deep stains, it is always best consult a professional, before using any home remedies that may make the process worse.

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There is home polishing method which consists of adding salt over the marble, and rubbing with a damp cloth. Then we remove and dry well.

Below, we detail a compilation of common marble stains and their natural remedies.

Recent stains.

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Clean immediately with a cloth with soap and water. Always dry it with a soft cloth, so that the humidity does not trap the dust.

Dark or yellowish spots.

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Wet a cloth or brush with water and vinegar, and apply on the stain, rubbing carefully.

Stains from metal lamps.

Sometimes this type of lamp creates a fence that is difficult to remove, for this the specialists recommend water and lemon on a cloth, and rub gently for a few minutes over the stain. Rinse with soap until the rust disappears. (Be careful with vinegar or lemon, they are very effective elements as long as they are used well, since these substances should barely touch the surface, because they are corrosive and can penetrate the stone)

Red wine and coffee stains.

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These stains, in addition to being scandalous, leave a trace that is difficult to remove. To do this, dilute 3 tablespoons of Borax in a glass of water, and apply on the stain. Dry with a soft cloth.

Cigarette burn.

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To remove this stain, it is essential to use an electric polisher, if it is very very recent and not very deep, you can try to clean it with a little alcohol and a cloth.

Oil or grease stains.

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Use an anti-grease detergent, for example the one used for the dishwasher. Rub gently so that the soap penetrates the stain. If this is not enough, another home remedy is to mix hydrogen peroxide with tap water. Soak the stain for a few minutes and rinse with a cloth with soap and water. Dry with a soft cloth.

Vessel footprints stains.

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To remove these stains from a marble surface, apply a mixture of vinegar and ammonia, with a couple of drops of each product we will have enough. Add more drops in case the stain is difficult. Apply this solution to the stain with a damp cloth gently until it disappears, then dry.

Ink stains.

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Moisten the area with a cloth soaked in 20-volume hydrogen peroxide and a couple of drops of ammonia. Afterwards, dry with a soft cloth and finally polish with a little wax or petroleum jelly.

It is worth mentioning that there are many special products for marble floors such as polishes, polishes, waxes, soaps, floor cleaners … But it is very important that, when you buy the product, make sure that it is special for marble, since if it were not the If you buy anything from the supermarket, that cleaning product will detract from the shine in the long run and could cause stubborn stains.


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