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Is there good luck? Do you believe in good luck? Without a doubt, this is a subject that brings with it an eternal philosophical debate and in which we could spend a lifetime talking without reaching a resolution. For this reason and because what interests us is decoration, we are going to put this debate aside to focus on how to decorate a house to attract or have good luck with objects that call fortune in some way. Take note and be inspired, as long as you believe in good luck of course.

Elephants to attract good luck.

The elephant, according to Hindu mythology, is an animal that attracts good luck, long life, wisdom and drives away envy. It also teaches resilience in the face of adversity and patience and endurance.

Obviously we are not going to put an elephant or several at home, but we can find hundreds of decorative objects with elephants that serve the same purpose. Pictures, wallpapers, vinyls, elephant figures. Anything goes to decorate the house and attract good luck, while the elephant or elephants carry their trunks up.

A red door at the entrance.

According to Feng Shui, the color red is the most powerful and conducive to attracting good luck, and also according to Feng Shui, the main door of the house is the most important point since it symbolizes the entry of energy. Best of all, in addition to bringing or not bringing good luck, decorating a door in red is a great way to welcome guests. It is an original, striking, contemporary door. Obviously, not all of us can paint the doors of our house since those of us who live in a block of flats are subject to several regulations that prevent us from carrying out this task. But if you can do it, know that a red door, according to Feng Shui is a door that will open prosperity and wealth.

Buddhas and more Buddhas.

There is no need to believe in the figure of Buddha and in all the implicit meaning so that we can decorate a house with figures, paintings, vinyls,… of Buddha. It is a decorative symbol that is very fashionable and that will help a lot to decorate any corner of a house, or to create a point of attention if that is what we want. Buddha means “awake”, it attracts good luck, calm and positivity among many other benefits attributed to it.

Dragonflies to attract good luck.

Dragonflies are also bearers of good luck, they are credited with the gift of being bearers of good fortune. To add dragonflies to the decoration we can make use of wallpapers, fabrics with dragonfly prints, or paint for example a mural where dragonflies appear.

Lucky bamboo.

His name says it all. Feng Shui uses various objects called “cures” to stimulate the positive energy of the life force within a house. And the lucky bamboo is one of the most used objects to achieve this. The advantage of lucky bamboo is that we can use it both indoors and outdoors. We can plant some plants in our garden, patio or terrace or decorate the interior with small vases filled with good luck bamboo plants.

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