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It may seem a bit drastic, but if we want to save on our electricity bill, we could start turning it off and using candles, right? Taking into account the beautiful result that we can obtain when use candles to light the house and the economic savings that we will notice in our pockets, no longer seems so crazy.

I’m not saying that we have to turn off the leads, but we could reduce the consumption of light by using candles. Whether your purpose is to save or decorate with candles, this article interests you, as we have prepared a series of tips, photos and ideas on how to decorate with candles. Let’s see them.

Photo | Mafe Molinari

Decorate the hall or the entrance of the house with candles. The hall is a passing area where we don’t usually spend a lot of time. Only the necessary to take the coat or the keys when we go out, for example. If we get some safe and good quality candle holders, we could reduce the consumption of light by using much less the switch in the hall. As in almost all the entrances of the house we usually have a hall furniture, we could decorate it with some beautiful candles that also illuminate our entrance to the house. Of course we will need to use electric light, but much less. And what’s more, if we get used to always having some candles in the hall, we could use fewer light bulbs (in the event that we have more than one) in the hall. We can also use scented candles instead of air fresheners to impregnate the entrance of the house with a pleasant aroma.

Photo | Mafe Molinari

In the living room or dining room We can do the same, distribute some candles in a decorative way to decorate it. You have to try that the candles are according to the decoration. For example, if we have a modern style living room, try to locate some modern design candles that combine with the colors of said room. The distribution of the candles will be around the environment and not on it. Better to put a couple of candles on each shelf surrounding the room than all together on the table. By using candles to decorate the living room, we will not only be able to create a warmer, more pleasant and intimate atmosphere, but we will also use less light switches, thus reducing energy consumption.

Photo | Mafe Molinari

Take advantage of any available ledge or windowsill to place some candles. Sills or shelves are the most ideal places to place candles as long as there are no curtains in between. For greater security and so that the candles are not extinguished by any possible draft, we can put them in a glass container.

Decorate a table with candles. If we are expecting dinner guests at home, or are going to have dinner ourselves, good candle lighting can make dinner that much more enjoyable. In addition to that we will consume less electricity. But for the dinner to be pleasant using candles, they should not interfere between the elements of the table or between the participants of the same. It is also not recommended that they be aromatic since the mixture of the smell of food and candles can be unpleasant, and of course, the candles have to be in safe containers where there is no way to burn with them or burn any item on the table.

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Decorate a staircase with candles. Another lovely way to decorate with candles, is using them in passageways such as corridors or stairs. Leaving aside the possible economic savings that we could obtain by perhaps using less electricity by having candles in the hallway or staircase, using candles in walkways is a lovely idea to decorate the house. As in the previous tips, in this case, the candles must also be in safe containers where there is no danger of burning us or burning anything around.

These have been some tips for decorating the house with candles. Due to the large number of candle designs out there, we can create great combinations. These examples have been a few simple basic tips to start decorating with candles.

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