How To Fix A Sinking Sofa. • Your Inspiration For Your Home

If when you sit on your sofa your knees come together with your chest so deep it is, it is time to fix it, but of course, it is not cheap to take a sofa to have it disassembled and fixed but if not it is very serious you can do it yourself: here you can how to fix or repair a sinking sofa.

In the seat hollow you can place a table just the size of that seat of about 12 mm and on top you support the cushions, if it continues to sink, it is because the foam it contains has become very soft and no longer supports your weight.

If this is the case, you take the foam rubber to an upholstery workshop and have some cut to size and tell them that you want the rubber to be 30k, which is of soft density. That means that it is hard, that way you will prevent the sofa from sinking and it will hold you longer.


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