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Surely sometime, we have a chip on one of our walls or ceilings. It has an easy fix:

The first thing we have to do is check why this chipping has occurred, it may be due to humidity, a brick breakage, detachment and for several other reasons.

Normally, a chip comes out due to humidity, brick breakage or detachment.

If it is due to humidity, first we will scrape with a spatula all the chipping and all the surface that is damaged for a complete sanitation of the area. And before continuing, we have to verify that there is no moisture. If there was moisture, it could not be continued until it was completely dry.

Then we will give it a sealer, let it dry and putty until it is completely covered.

Before caulking, we have to check if where the chip has come out is in a wall of plaster, cement, glue cement, or any other mortar and then fix it with that same material.

Once everything is caulked with its corresponding material, it can be painted as we want.

If the chip has not come out due to moisture, the steps to follow are the same.

Remember, the important thing is sanitation, we have to remove everything that is damaged even if we believe that we are removing a lot. The final result will depend to a great extent on how we clean the area affected by the chipping.

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