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Lately we are seeing a lot ideas for making headboards And since we know you like them, today we bring you another one. I think this is the simplest and cheapest to carry out, and as a result we will obtain a very original headboard.

We’ll see how to do it step by step, you will see how simple and cheap it is.

The first thing we have to do is remove the boards from the pallet. Normally a pallet is made up of 5 boards or planks on which the merchandise rests. Those are the planks we need.

Once we have the boards removed, we cut them in half, resulting in 10 boards of the same size.

Now we sand all the boards. This is a process to which we must pay and dedicate a lot of attention, since the boards have to be well sanded, without chips or imperfections.

Once sanded, we give them a primer coat. The primer we need is a universal white sealer (they can sell it at any paint store). Once the primer has dried, 12 hours minimum, we apply a coat of paint of the color that we want the headboard, in this case it was painted white. But each one to paint them the color they prefer.

The paint we need to paint the boards is synthetic enamel. They also sell it in any paint store or DIY department store like Leroy Merlin. This enamel can be found in matte, satin or gloss, also here the choice is personal. We let the paint dry at least 24 hours.

Now, once we have the boards ready, it’s time to put them on the wall. For this we need a drill and small spikes or hooks with their appropriate plugs to fix the boards on the wall.

The boards can be fixed in an aligned way or at different heights, in this case it was decided to place the boards in the wall in an aligned way. Before fixing the boards, it is necessary to measure and mark so that all are at the same distance and height.

And once all the tables are set, the result is this; simple but original very cheap headboard but that gives our bedroom a very charming personal touch.

In the same way that this headboard has been created with the boards painted in white, you can create an equal with the boards painted in another color, each board a different color, placing one board higher than the other, etc.

Photos and project: Ba2proyectos.


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