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If this weekend you want to do some DIY work, we bring you an idea. Is about Make a Planter or Vertical Garden from a Recycled Wood Pallet. The task is very simple, no elaborate tools are required and the finish is spectacular, all this for very little or nothing. Let’s see below how to make a vertical garden with a wooden pallet step by step and the necessary materials, so that you can provide your terrace with a vertical garden as beautiful as this one.

The necessary materials are:

  • 1 wooden pallet.
  • 1 brush.
  • 1 liter of linseed oil.
  • Medium grit sandpaper (p220).
  • Dowels, screws and L-shaped plates.
  • Drill and screwdriver.

How to make a planter step by step with a wooden pallet.

-We sand the pallet. More than to remove imperfections, to clean. When sanding it, we will leave the wood smooth, without splinters and clean of the dirt that the pallet may have. We can sand it by hand, or if we have an electric or pneumatic sander, the better, because we will finish before. Once we have the pallet sanded, we clean it well to remove any dust.

As you can see in the image, in addition to hanging pots, one of the sheets of the pallet was eliminated to hang from the inside some pots with the right size, which fit between the gap between the pallet and the wall. In this way, it was used to create a row of beautiful plants in line. If you want to remove or add any element to the wood, this is when you have to do it, before applying the linseed oil.

-Now, we put the liter of linseed oil in a container. And with a flat brush or palette, which is sold in any paint store for a few euros, we apply a generous coat to the entire pallet.

When applying the oil, we will see that the wood darkens. It is normal, and although later when the oil dries, the wood becomes lighter, it will not do it in the same way as it was before.

If you don’t want it to darken or you want another finish, instead of applying linseed oil, you can apply a varnish with the finish that you like. In this case, only a good coat of linseed oil has been applied to protect, care for the wood and highlight the grain and its natural defects.

Once the oil has been applied, it is left to dry for 24 hours and we have the pallet ready to hang it in the chosen place.

-To fix it to the wall, in this case some L-shaped plates have been used. 4 plates have been placed to firmly secure the pallet.

And once we have the pallet or our planter fixed on the wall, we only have to decorate it to our liking, with our favorite plants, using supports for pots and pots that are hung from the sheets of the pallet.

You see that it does not have any difficulties and in a weekend we can enjoy a new decorative element made by ourselves on our terrace.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to answer them through the comments.


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