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If you are a wine lover and you like to have your small or not so small collection of special bottles of wine. Surely you would also like to show off them when guests come or simply be able to contemplate them like a work of art hanging on a wall.

Well today for all of you we bring you a very simple way to make a wine rack with a minimalist design. We only need a wooden plank about 25cm wide by 3 or 4 cm thick for the length we want, sandpaper, a meter and a pencil. The width can also be modified, but 25cm are just enough to create a solid and resistant shelf where you can display several bottles of wine.

The wood can be bought in any carpentry or if we find a wood in any container that is in good condition, that we like its color and we see it suitable to present it on a wall, even better, the cheaper the wine rack.

First of all we cut the board to the measurements that fit our needs, as long or as short as we want. Then we mark the holes where we are going to hold the wine bottles. Once marked, we drill the hole with a circular saw at an angle of 30 degrees, leaving a space of at least 10cm between hole and hole. (If we don’t have a saw or the necessary tools, we can go to a carpentry shop and in 30 minutes they will have all the holes made). Once we have the holes made, we smooth them with sandpaper to remove any splinters that it may have.

Now that we have the plank ready, we can only hang it on the wall as if it were a shelf and insert each bottle into a hole. And we have our shelf ready to show off our beautiful collection of wine bottles.

In this example the wine rack has remained the color of natural wood, but each one can give it the look they want. It can be varnished with transparent varnish, or changed in tone with tinted varnish, painted in a color with synthetic enamel, etc. The important thing is that everyone adapts it to the decoration of their home.

As you see, now yours wine bottles will look gorgeous on your new minimalist shelf made of wood that you have made yourself and to your liking for as many bottles as you like.

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