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When you buy new furniture, what do you do with the old ones? Do you throw them away? Do you keep them in the garage, basement or storage room? Do you donate them?

As you already know and as you have already seen in Mil Ideas, we bring interesting ideas to recycle, take advantage and reuse old furniture. And this time ideas for making shelves and shelves from old drawers.

These makeshift shelves can serve not only as a decorative element, but as a practical accessory to store books, CDs, vases and other decorative figures, house keys, etc.

Let’s see them. Take note and take advantage of that furniture before throwing it away.

Making shelves out of old drawers

The first thing to do is obviously recover the old drawers of a piece of furniture. Then we can update them to give them a better look with paint, wallpaper, etc. Or you can leave them as is if that’s how you like them.

Once we have the drawers ready and to our liking to place them on the wall, we install them some sockets to later hang them on the spikes that we must also put on the wall. Let’s see more ideas.

Ideas for hanging and decorating the shelves made with old drawers

Now it only remains to hang them and enjoy our new shelves. And we can use them for various purposes. For example, we can hang the shelves as beautiful backgrounds to place decorative accessories like these for example:

Another option for reuse old drawers as shelves, is to use these shelves to place small objects such as keys, films, shoes, towels, books, … And give them a practical use, as in these examples:

What do you think of these ideas for upcycle old drawers and transform them into nice and practical shelves? Well, there is still more, much more.

Another option that we can turn to to use an old drawer as a shelf is to decorate the bottom of the drawer, to make it much more interesting.

We can line it with wallpaper, newspaper, paint it, put a map on it, paint with chalkboard paint, and write on it. Among many other options, here are some examples that can serve as inspiration:

We continue with more ideas for using old drawers as shelves. Considering that the drawers become a three-dimensional platform, it makes sense to make a horizontal division to create small shelves inside the drawer.

We already have them in some drawers, as they come that way from the factory.

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Another good idea to use old drawers as shelves is to create a complete bookcase.

So far we have seen loose shelves, but if we put several of these shelves together on the wall, we can create a practical shelf as large as we want. How are you for example:

Another way to hanging the drawers is horizontally With the handle, handle or handle facing forward, showing the front that we have previously decorated to our liking and a very practical space to store things. Here are some examples:

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Another option that we can turn to if we want recycling old drawers is to make a standing shelf.

It is as simple as screwing the drawers firmly together and then when we have the structure very firm, screw it to the wall and enjoy a new standing shelf. Like these examples:

From now on, every time you see an old drawer you might think twice about throwing it away, right?

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