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Many of the homes we live in have metal surfaces, it could be a fence, a garage door, a railing, etc.

Especially if these metal surfaces are exposed, they will most likely rust over time and the paint will peel and crack.

For sanitize iron surfaces who are in very bad condition, with peeling paint and very cracked The first thing we have to do is strip the paint completely so that the door, fence, railing or metal surface recovers its original shape without lumps of old paint or imperfections.

To strip it we can use a chemical product such as a gel stripper. Its use is very simple, we simply apply the stripper on the surface to be stripped and in a few moments the paint will begin to lift, with the help of a spatula we scratch and remove all the paint until the metal surface is clean.

We can also heat strippingThere are strippers similar to a hair dryer but with much greater power that, when applying heat to the surface, lift the old paint.

If the metal surface does not have the paint chipped or cracked with which we sand it well, it is enough.

Once we have all the stripped surface, we clean it well. We take a cloth or paper with solvent and clean it.

Once clean we apply an antioxidant, the best there is is minium. We give it two coats of minium respecting the drying time and once dry we sand it gently to remove imperfections and we have the surface ready to paint it.

To paint iron, enamels are used, you can use synthetic enamel for iron, and if it is for steel, aluminum or galvanized, the best enamel there is is polyurethane.

If the metal surface is on the outside, to prevent it from rusting again and peeling off all the paint, we can seal the areas where water penetrates with paintable silicone.


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