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Normally at stucco It is always associated with the term luxurious, glamorous and in large part the fault that this is so is for the stucco glitter current, which makes the walls finished in this type of paint acquire an elegant touch, even luxurious I would say.

But for those who do not like gloss and prefer walls finished in matte, know that they do not have to give up stucco if they like this decorative technique.

The company Decoration and Painting JS shows us again one of its great works. This time they have made a wall of matte black stucco. As you can see, the finish differs a lot from a wall with gloss stucco, but even so, I like it much more than a wall with ordinary gloss stucco. It leaves a more current finish, contemporary I would say, that combines better with any other wall and decorative accessories in the home without adding that luxurious and even ostentatious touch that gloss stucco usually provides.

For those who do not like the shine in the finishes of the walls, know that you have another decorative option. Painting the walls with matte stucco.

If you do not know very well how to apply this painting technique, it is advisable to have it done by a professional.

Work done by company: Decoration and painting JS

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