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If you are a true cook, you may not like this idea very much since it is about use the silicone molds to make cakes and tarts as decorative elements, or maybe I’m getting confused and you have so many that there are already some that don’t even use them and you love this idea.

Be that as it may, we have discovered another original way to decorate a wall and we could not miss the opportunity to bring it to you.

Photo: Pinspire

The idea as you can see is very simple and very original, it is about taking silicone molds, they may all be different, all the same or some the same and others different, each one there, and stick or fasten them on the wall by means of some spike for example creating a kind of decorative mosaic with molds for cooking.

On this occasion the wall of a kitchen has been decorated, and the truth seems to me the most successful, but maybe using them to decorate a wall in the living room is not a bad idea either, who knows? Everything is to try …

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