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We all know the Geishas, those Japanese women or men dressed and made up in such a peculiar way that they used their skills in the different Japanese arts such as music, dance or storytelling for the entertainment of men among other things. And although these japanese icons for more than 200 years they began to decline, it is true that today we can still find some.

And after this very brief introduction about Geishas, ​​let’s go to what interests us and that is that we bring you a idea to decorate a wall, and it is painting Geishas on it. It’s a great idea if you like japanese decor, or if you are a lover of the oriental world.

If that is your case, surely you have already searched and found ways to decorate the walls with Japanese motifs, you will even have found vinyls with shapes or silhouettes of Geishas, but the one we bring you today is special and you might think that instead of paint a Geisha on the wall it is better to place a vinyl, it is faster and above all it will be better if one does not know how to paint.

And you are right if it weren’t for the fact that by painting it and eliminating all those obstacles, the geisha we paint on the wall is going to be as we want it, not as it is sold to us. The size that best suits us, the color, the posture, the physiognomy and even the gestures, we will be the one to decide them, thus making a totally personalized decoration to our liking.

To paint them, if we are handymen, we can make them ourselves freehand, if not, we can hire the hands of a professional or call a friend, or we can make a template with a cardboard for example. The fact is that if you like the idea, you will surely find a way to paint your perfect Geisha to decorate the wall.


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