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Lately we are seeing a lot how people are becoming aware of how fragile our planet is and how badly we treat it and only in decoration matters we already see how a new trend has been born that has spread like a good plague causing us to reuse recycled elements to take advantage of them and generate less waste or spend less money.

Whatever the case is, this new trend is currently very much in vogue and every day we find true wonders, today we bring you one idea about recycling at home that goes a little further than the previous ones and that is very, very good.

It is a simple but really effective and very profitable idea, it is about reuse rainwater to water plants or the garden, for example without wasting a drop of “new” water.

Photo: Pinspire

Photography says it all; just where the gutter that collects the water from the roof ends, a bucket has been placed where all the water that falls from the gutter goes. In this way, said water can be used for what we mentioned before among other things. When the bucket is full, an additional hose acts as a drain and flushes the excess water from the bucket to the ground.

To carry out this idea alone you need a trash can, a few hoses with a stopcock and insert the gutter into the bin using some joint support or directly make a hole in the lid of the bucket and seal it with electrical tape for example.

What do you think of the idea of recycle rainwater to water plants? Good truth? Also if it is as simple as it seems even better.


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