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Switches and sockets play a very important role in interior decoration. We do not realize it until we give a new look to the house by painting it or doing a small reform and then we see the old switches that look pretty ugly. Therefore, as with all other elements within a home, you also have to take care of its aesthetics. To do this, we can change them for new ones, or we can decorate them.

It may seem that a switch or plug does not have much possibility to decorate them, but using our imagination we can radically change their appearance and decorate them with great originality. We can use wallpaper, comics, paint, tiles, gold paper and other materials that will leave a very surprising finish. So that you can see what I mean, today I have prepared some ideas to decorate sockets and switches at homeLet’s see them!

Decorate the switch with a picture. We can buy or make ourselves a small box that fits the measurements of the switch and then glue it on and get a very original switch.

Decorate a switch with beach sand. With a brush we give a layer of glue to the entire switch, then we add beach sand until it is completely covered. Then we can decorate it by gluing a shell here, a clam there, a starfish in the other corner, etc.

Decorate the switch with paint. If you like drawing, you can take the plugs and switches as if they were a blank canvas and express your creativity to draw on them. Look at the result.

Decorate the switches and sockets with wallpaper. As I said before, the wallpaper can also be used to decorate a socket. Taking out that scrap left over from wallpapering the living room and a bit of glue to decorate the home switches would be a great idea and also quite simple.

Decorate the switches with wool. It is not to my taste far from it, but another option is to make a kind of cover with knitting to “shelter” the switch and decorate it.

Decorate the switches and sockets with stickers. Of course we can always resort to what is intended for that purpose. As are the stickers or the small vinyls that are on the market to decorate the sockets and switches.

Decorate the switches with Post-It. Why not turn the old switch into a handy notepad?

Decorate the switches with a mosaic tile. A little bit of tile glue and a tile is more than enough to make a small mosaic on the switch and decorate it in a quite original and eye-catching way.

Decorate the switch with Lego pieces. Do you have Lego pieces at home without using them? Look at that idea.

Decorate the switch with phrases. An inspirational quote fits anywhere, even on a switch.

Decorate the switch with a comic. If you’re a fan of comics and don’t mind cutting a few small pieces out of one, maybe you can decorate your home sockets and switches with some.

Decorate the switch with gold foil. Very simple and with a pretty good finish, gold paper also becomes an ally to decorate a switch.

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