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Large paintings, as well as frames, decorative prints and large format art have become a highly sought after resource and lately used to decorate the walls.

Whether in the living room or bedroom, in the bathroom or in the kitchen, or even in passageways, decorating the walls with large paintings is a trend.

If you like this movement and have been encouraged to update any of your walls, join me and discover these ideas to decorate and hang large pictures.

Any room is suitable to show off a beautiful large work of art, but the living room, the nerve center of most homes, and where the most time is usually spent, seems the most appropriate area. And within it, there are some key areas to hang our artwork.

Behind the sofa, so that the painting presides over the wall, we can hang it alone, creating an interesting focal point; or accompanied, being part of a beautiful set of paintings that takes all eyes.

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A large-format painting is perfect to fill in a wall by itself and decorate it like no other decorative element. Although we can never forget the proportions.

Even if it is in large format, it must be related to what surrounds it, or it will be an added glob with little sense, and it will attract attention, but not for good taste.


When the whole of the frame, frame and frame exceeds 10 kilos in weight, we should resort to special fasteners, in which, from an aluminum guide fixed to the ceiling or wall, some threads, made of different materials, usually nylon, hang down. in which to be able to hang or unhook the picture with total safety, among other different special fasteners for hanging large pictures that are on the market.

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We can also use several of them if space allows it, creating a most attractive mosaic in the living room.

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Above the sideboard or on a low shelf in the living room is another of the best places to hang a large painting. If it is also in proportion to the sideboard or shelf, we will create a perfect set.

Regarding the height and others, I recommend this article, where we see how to hang a painting correctly.

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Leaving the living room aside now, the bedroom is another magnificent space to decorate with a large painting. And one of the most convenient places is on the headboard wall. Presiding over the bed, decorating the bedroom.

If support is important in any space, in the bedroom and above the bed, we must redouble security, when it comes to a considered weight frame.

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If we do not have a headboard, we can implement a large format painting, or sheet, creating a headboard and a powerful focal point, which creates an explosion of color throughout the bedroom.

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Another area that we cannot miss if we want to decorate it with a large painting is the stairway.

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If you have many sections of wall you can create an impressive gallery of large and small paintings.

Or add a framed tapestry, as we see in the image above these lines where an Ikea Lappljung Ruta rug has been framed. Textile art is in fashion and offers us an immense variety of colors, textures and patterns to decorate the walls with.

Any passage area that has a considerable size, we can decorate art in large format. A single painting or sheet will be enough, we don’t need more elements. This one that we see above we can buy it here, on Etsy.

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In the dining area, if it is inside the living room, it is a great place to hang a large painting. You can define the dining area, separating it from the living room, creating a unique space.

In this case, the paintings act like painting, separating and defining different spaces that are together.

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Another magnificent space to hang a large painting and decorate that space, whenever the size allows it, is in the hall area.

A painting will give color, expression and personality to the space, without the need to add anything else. It’s like beautiful wallpaper, but unlike paper, the painting is much easier to put on and take off.

And finally, in the bathroom. Not all bathrooms can because of their small size, but if there is an option, a large painting can turn the bathroom into an incredible space. If we also have the possibility of placing it near the bathtub to be able to enjoy it while we relax, it will be a decorative success.

And you, do you dare to decorate your walls with large paintings or do you prefer smaller ones and put several together? I read you in the comments.

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