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Everything related to food is in fashion. We share the dishes on our favorite social networks, there are several television programs related to cooking, there are more and more blogs that talk about this topic, now we worry much more about what we eat, etc. And taking all this and more into account, IKEA, has planned its next strategy in the table environment, with a campaign called “around the table“.

As I say, the next efforts that we will see from IKEA, will be focused on the world of the table and food. We will be able to see solutions, shortly, for for example, growing food at home in a simple way, new suggestions for serving and eating at the table, storage, recycling and planning, and food preparation.

Between how much new we can see for him IKEA catalog 2016 related to the world of cooking, there is something that has caught my attention especially, I do not know if because of the original or the absurd, the fact is that in the next IKEA catalog, we can see a tablecloth with a pocket to “hide” the phone at meals.

The premise of this idea is based on helping personal relationships during meals or meetings around the table, not contaminated by the use of telephones. With this curious tablecloth, it is intended to avoid all these types of situations. Quite a sovereign nonsense on the other hand. If it is intended that the mobile is not used during meals, it is better to offer a product with pockets but off the table and not exactly a tablecloth in which we can leave the mobile on top of it while we eat to have it a stone’s throw away.

We can find this tablecloth next year in the collection Ikea sittning, in next year’s catalog.

What do you think?

Photo | Ikea


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