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You can see the complete assembly instructions by clicking here, but now we will show you step by step how you can give a different touch to the walls of your home yourself with decorative synthetic panels.

First step: Take measurements of the surface to be covered to make the best use of the panels.

Second step: Cut the panels with a radial or jigsaw to adapt them to the measurements of the wall. We will only cut the panels in the event that we cannot install the entire panel.

Third step: Screw the plates to the wall. Hit blocks will be used for concrete or brick surfaces and screws for surfaces such as the example, wood.

Once the panels are screwed to the wall, we will cover the heads of the screws and the joints between panels with a putty. This putty is previously mixed with a catalyst so that it, after 1 hour, is completely hard.

Fourth step: With a brush we will texturize the applied putty until it is concealed. Touch up with a sponge or cloth until the desired textures are achieved.

Fifth step: Once all the joints are finished and all the screws are covered, we will paint the joints and the screw heads with the corresponding paint.

As you can see, the results are amazing. On this occasion, the installer has clad a chipboard wall into a beautiful stone wall in five easy steps.

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