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It is true that now more than ever it is either to reduce costs or because originality is the order of the day, instead of changing the bathroom tiles, they are painted or covered with wallpaper or are hidden with some type of vinyl.

The fact is that we seem to have a certain reluctance to ceramics, it seems that it is no longer in fashion, and there is a general tendency to think that it is too vulgar for modern times. And the fact is that the tiles that lined the walls of the bathrooms where we grew up left much to be desired, which is why most of us surely have an uncertain mental image of ceramics.

But like everything in general and in decoration in particular, ceramics, more specifically tiles, are also updated and adapted to our times. The typical uniform bubblegum pink tiles give way to more avant-garde ones with innovative designs that imitate from wood, to cement, using risky and never seen colors to create contemporary bathrooms that live up to our quite risky decorative expectations today.

For our part, we wanted to break a spear in favor of ceramics and more specifically in favor of tiles and we have compiled a selection of 10 bathrooms covered with the most modern and avant-garde tiles of the company Porcelanite. Let’s see them.

All these tiles are from the Porcelanite company and you can see more models or buy them here, on their website.


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