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Tile is a wall covering that is widely used as it has a wide variety of models, sizes and textures to choose the one that best suits our needs.

Many of you ask us which tile is better for exterior and interior, the answer is simple, for exterior you need a tile with a higher degree of hardness and resistance.

Obviously you can put a lower resistance tile but it will last less time and deteriorate sooner.

Likewise, you can also place a tile of great hardness indoors as it is of better quality.

The biggest difference that exists in tiles for interior and exterior is their hardness, but as I said before you can put both anywhere.

If you are going to install a floor outdoors, a rough and porous tile of great hardness is recommended to avoid slipping. Porcelain tiles are very resistant and durable and you have a wide range to choose from whether you want to put them in the kitchen or if you want to put them on the patio.

Indoors it depends on your taste, if you want to put a rough and porous tile to give a more rustic touch to the home or you want something with a smooth and fine touch for a more modern and luxurious finish.

But if what you are interested in knowing is which tile is better for exterior or interior, the only thing you have to look at is its resistance and hardness.


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