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Although they are becoming more and more the order of the day, jacuzzi they are luxury accessories for most of us. And no longer just for its price, which must be said that it’s getting cheaper, but by the previous installation that we must do and of course the availability of space that is needed to put a jacuzzi at home.

But, Jacuzzi manufacturers (like everyone else) know about these problems, and therefore, they invent, engineer and produce until they find a much more affordable solution so that we can sell hot tubs and we can buy them. And of course we must take advantage of it.

So today we have thought that since summer is approaching and that many of you will be thinking of filling the pool, buying an inflatable, decorating the garden to have everything ready, maybe this one might interest you inflatable jacuzzi for 4 people.

It is very simple to use and install. If you have a hole inside the house you can use it both in winter and summer. If you are going to use it indoors, first make sure how many kilos the concrete structure that separates your floor from that of the neighbor below supports, this is very important. And not only that, but you can take it on vacation, on the weekend and install it wherever you go. Commissioning takes just a few minutes and the water is heated and filtered automatically by a system built into the base. Its reinforced nylon structure, guarantees safety and great resistance to shocks already out in the open.

So if your dream is have a jacuzzi at home, you know that now you have it much easier with this inflatable jacuzzi. More information:

Technical characteristics:

Number of places: 4


external diameter : 185 cm

inner diameter: 140 cm

Interior height: 65 cm

Water volume 800 liters

130 ai tubes integrated into the wall of the SPA

1800 liters / hour filtration integrated into the wall of the SPA

Digital control

Heating power: 1.2 kW

Maximum temperature: 40 ° C

Air blower power: 600W

Drainage and filtration with integrated pump

0.6mm reinforced PVC liner and reinforced nylon liner

Construction of the walls pneumatic sections in the form of “H”

Power cord 350cm

Electrical protection: RCD 30mA, 0.1s (Class II, Directive 2006/95 / EC)

Color: Black, beige or green

See more details or buy this inflatable jacuzzi

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