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30 de September de 202024 de August de 2020 by Katie

In this post we will see 40 small bathrooms with modern showers in different decoration styles so you can enjoy their shapes and find some ideas to replicate in your home.Currently, many floors are being renovated, going from an old-fashioned bathtub to a modern and avant-garde shower. I sincerely believe that baths have a sovereign …

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Zen gardens are oriental-style landscape designs for meditation and relaxation, heavily influenced by Japanese culture. They are formed in dry, using in small thicknesses materials such as sand, rocks of rounded geometry and gravel of prismatic geometry, both of different sizes, with different kinds of plants planted in circular, square, rectangular pots or on the …

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There are the French style gardens or the English style gardens, very well known throughout history. On the other side of the world, however, Japanese gardens have also expanded. Who would not spend hours and hours looking at one of these Zen gardens? We show you some ideas and recommendations to make your own Japanese …

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