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Nowadays if you are not very clear about it, it is difficult to choose a piece of furniture for the kitchen, and it is complicated because you like them all, manufacturers have thrown the house out of the window and have started to design kitchen furniture like never before. .

Also, how is the furniture better? Wooden, lacquered, laminated or polylaminated?

Each one has its properties and advantages, let’s see them.

Wooden furniture for the kitchen:

Wood is a natural element, and each piece of the kitchen, even if it comes from the same piece of wood, is different, it is unique, that gives a lot of personality to the kitchen. Also, the more wood there is, the more comfortable the kitchen will seem. Wooden furniture for a kitchen is a good choice.

Lacquered kitchen furniture:

The advantage of being lacquered is that we can ask for the color we want, they also have a very pleasant feeling to the touch, and you can choose both glossy (satin) and matte. By choosing a suitable color combination, you can get a very warm and comfortable kitchen, they are also a good choice.

Laminate kitchen furniture:

Laminate furniture has several advantages, it is a material that is easy to clean and maintain, the colors do not alter with the passage of time, they have great resistance and a long life, in addition to laminate furniture the front part of the furniture is covered with a sheet and the edges can be of another color, creating beautiful contrasts or the same color.

Polylaminated kitchen furniture:

The polylaminated kitchen furniture is made of a single piece, both the front and the edges, so it gives a pleasant feeling of continuity to the piece, it is a durable material, easy to clean and the color withstands the passage of time. years.

Anyway, each material has its advantages and its charms, we hope that the furniture designers continue to work hard to give us these products and warm our heads a bit for not knowing which to choose.

Furniture: Xey Kitchens

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