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If you are looking for a kitchen with an efficient layout or your kitchen floor is long and narrow, L-shaped kitchens are the best option.

Its L-shaped design allows the creation of an optimal work area, since the so-called “work triangle” formed by the sink, the refrigerator and the hobs is perfectly suited for this type of kitchen.

In addition, they are the most suitable for small spaces, since they take advantage of two walls to install furniture and cabinets, increasing the capacity of the kitchen.

And although functionality and practicality are extremely important aspects, they would be nothing without a good aesthetic that makes us enjoy our kitchen.

That is why I have collected these 20 kitchens in L. They are efficient, practical and very, very beautiful. Get ready to take note, as these L-shaped kitchens are loaded with many great ideas. Let’s go there.

In full detail

Photo Evgenia Belkina

Gray and pink tones are distributed in this modern L-shaped kitchen, in which the windowsill is covered with hydraulic tile, and with the work area marked on the floor also with hydraulic tile in reddish tones. The rest, well used with open shelves and a semicircular table with two stools, all adding functionality and decoration.

Simple but modern and well used

Designed by the duo Egue y Seta, this all-white kitchen features plenty of storage capacity, a simple and modern style, with yellow accents. Quite a success.

Armed to the roof

Photo UmaT

The cabinets in this other L-shaped kitchen give it a huge capacity to store all kinds of objects. Designed in straight lines of minimalist invoice, they integrate perfectly without burdening the space. The rest, wood and white bricks giving warmth and texture.

Two-tone and well designed

Photo Fenix ​​Design

A well-designed kitchen, in which every last gap has been used to add cabinets, furniture and appliances. The upper part in blue, contrasts with the neutral tones below, giving it a very modern touch.

Very modern

Photo Qide Design

If you are looking for a modern and well designed L-shaped kitchen, this kitchen has it all. With an enormous storage capacity distributed by furniture and cabinets up to the ceiling in white, with geometric tiles covering the sill and touches of wood to add the necessary warmth. Perfect

In luxury

Photo Alesya Kasianenko

One of the most sophisticated L-shaped kitchens that we are going to see. Brass, marble, wood, glass, it does not lack detail. The glass doors allow you to see inside the cabinets. If you are a lover of wine and tableware, you can display it in a sophisticated contemporary setting.

Fresh and daring

Photo Pikcells

Two curious adjectives for a kitchen, but no less successful. Turquoise blue and white furniture, with Gola handles and the windowsill covered in the renovated terrazzo.

Sophisticated and elegant

Photo Concept Vision

It is a small kitchen, but it has so much class and good taste, as well as being so well optimized that size takes a back seat.

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Young and practical

Photo Pickcells

It does not lack detail. In fact, it is the details that make this L-shaped kitchen have this staging. Starting with the wall covered with dark green subway tile, going through the design hood, the wooden worktop or the Hungarian parquet with which the floor is dressed.


Photo PengXiang

This modern L-shaped kitchen boasts several trends in tow. From the striking furniture and cabinets lacquered in a radical yellow, to the retro-style refrigerator, to the hexagonal geometric tiles that line the walls.

A well thought out kitchen

Photo Concept Vision

It is nice to see a kitchen in which every detail has been thought of. Colors, furniture, functionality, materials …

A kitchen to be in it

Photo PickCells

If space allows it, adding a comfortable sofa to the dining table can make the kitchen become the living area of ​​the house, and even more so if it has a design as spectacular as this one that we see above these lines .

If the sofa is modular, the better, since we can move it at will.


Photo Maciej Cylkowski

A kitchen with class and good taste, with the cabinets in gray tones and the rest in warm wood, finished with black accents.

Warm and very modern

Photo Polygons

Lots of wood and lots of geometric tile. A kitchen that suffers from vacui horror but with a good design after all.


Photo Schmidt Kitchens

Not one free wall, all three occupied by furniture and cabinets. In addition, being without doors, fully open but not integrated, it is visually more spacious. If the same floor had been laid, the spaces would have been given more continuity.

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Photo Robby Brymer

Gray furniture, natural wood tables and a window with opaque glass panels that flood the kitchen with light.

Elegantly white

Photo Maria Kukoba

With white you have to be careful, as poorly projected it can create aseptic, lifeless spaces, such as a dentist or hospital office. In this case it has not been so far from it. The timeless marble accompanies the immaculate white creating a clean, uncluttered and very elegant kitchen.


Photo DefDesign

When there are several of us at home, you need a kitchen capable of storing and organizing countless items and a dining table where you can eat at ease. Even having space, L-shaped kitchens offer us greater storage capacity and practicality.

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Semi open

Photo Adrian Elizalde

By leaving the kitchen semi-open, it has been possible to take advantage of the dividing wall to install cabinets up to the ceiling and almost convert the kitchen from L to parallel.

Small and designer

Photo Diễm Kiều

A good design not only provides a beautiful modern aesthetic, but also optimizes and creates spaces as functional and practical as the L-shaped kitchen with which we close this batch of ideas.

What do you think of these L-shaped kitchens? Which one do you prefer? Difficult choice, right? I read you in the comments.

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