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As we have been seeing for some time, people’s creativity prevails over space problems in the home. Impossible solutions are solved before our eyes, giving us a useful space that we would not even have dreamed of before.

It is the case that we bring you today, where a closet has been transformed into a practical office, yes an office. Let’s see this so original idea More in detail.

The first and foremost thing has obviously been to empty the closet and find another location for everything that was inside.

Then, once empty, it was painted with chalkboard paint, which gives great versatility to leave notes, notes, etc. Something very practical for an office, don’t you think?

The metal shelf above was used as a filing cabinet, something also very practical for an office. Then only a table was added that fit perfectly into the closet and voila, we already have a magnificent office where before there was an austere closet perhaps misused.

Another great idea was to use the trunk pouf as an office seat while it serves to store all kinds of objects.

So going back to the beginning of this article, right to the title, lack of space or imagination?

Photos: Apartmenttherapy

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