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Dates are approaching toasting and preparing fine dinners together with our loved ones. Christmas, it’s the perfect time to decorate the tables with the best linens, crockery and glassware and leave our diners in awe. You will agree with me that there is nothing more rewarding than waiting for a special celebration to bring out that household items, that for some reason, we usually reserve it to be able to wear it, in all its splendor, on the longed-for special occasions.

Well, today we are going to present you a collection that is a classic in designer glassware, and if you don’t already know her, we are sure that she will not leave you indifferent. It’s about the Intermezzo collection, from the Orrefors brand.

This elegant range of glassware was created by the well-known Swedish designer Erika Lagerbielke, in 1985. At that time and to this day, it is her greatest success as a designer. He has been winning the recognition and admiration of both the public and the critics for 25 years, which have awarded him awards for their designs, such as the “Utmärkt Svensk Form“Which in Spanish means” Excellent Swedish design “, among others.

The Intermezzo collection, has a wide variety of equipment, such as: glasses for white wine, glasses for red wine, glasses for whiskey, glasses for wine tasting, tube glasses, glasses for water, glasses for champagne, glasses for cocktails, spirits glasses, decanter and water jug. As you can see, a great variety to complete a good table.

The design of this magnificent collection is unsurpassed, as well as having an exceptional quality of finishes. Made of pure crystal and handcrafted in Sweden, inside you can see a blue drop suspended in the air and embedded in a transparent glass.

Something that also fascinates us is that its design has a timeless elegance that allows it to last over the years, adapting to any type of taste, thus becoming an international classic. Ideal for people who love fine design and exquisite taste.

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