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There are objects that do not need to be improved, or so we believe until someone improves them significantly and then we cannot understand how we could have been using that product without that improvement. A clear example that meets this premise, and the protagonist of this article, is the post-it, because Tesla Amazing has reinvented it. How can a post-it be improved? You may be thinking. If you want to know, pay attention.

Tesla Amazing, has created some magnetic sheets that adhere to any surface by static charge. And when I say to any surface, I say to anyone; wood, plastic, metal, leather, glass, textiles and papers, etc. And all this without using glue, nails, pins or anything. We only bring the leaf to the surface, and it easily adheres. If you are not very excited about the idea, it is because you have not yet seen how it works in practice. Here is a video that shows the full potential of Magnetic.

More information | Tesla Amazing


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