Make A Practical Planter With An Old Piece Of Furniture. • Your Inspiration For Your Home

As we are in spring we continue in our line of bringing you decorative ideas related to this time, and of course, there are no better ideas to bring you in spring than those that have to do with flowers and plants and if we already include some piece of furniture integrated into the idea, better than better.

And that’s what this very original and practical idea that we bring you today is about. The idea is to rescue a dresser, sideboard, or chest of drawers old, that we do not use and transform it into an original planter for the garden.

To the furniture that we are going to use as a planterWe can leave it as is, or we can paint or decorate it to our liking, obviously it depends on the taste of each one, I in particular the older it is, the more authentic it seems to me, but each one that decorates it to their liking.

The only essential thing for this idea to work is to accommodate the drawers so that they can be used as a planter, making small drainage holes, or line them with plastic so that the water does not rot the wood.

As you can see with this simple idea, we went from having a “useless” piece of furniture, occupying unnecessary space in the attic, storage room or garage, to having a practical and original planter where grow our precious plants in spring.

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