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One of the designer lamps that has captivated the whole world lately is the exotic Z1 Cotton Lamp and its many variants, designed by the Chilean Nelson Sepúlveda for the firm Ay Illuminate, specifically this one that we see below, and that you will surely have seen a thousand times, especially in Scandinavian and Bohemian scenes.

It is normal that this lamp has become an object of desire. It is exotic, simple, elegant, light and, thanks to its large size, it has the highest ceilings like few others.

If your ceiling is low, these special design lamps for low ceilings may interest you.

Returning to the Z1 Cotton Lamp, it is a lamp that does not have an excessive price, and even less if we consider that it is within the world of design, reaching € 400 per unit, varying its price depending on the model.

Even so, for many of us this figure may exceed our possibilities when it comes to lamps.

But luckily, as with everything that becomes fashionable and goes viral, there are already several creative people who have published their ways of imitating it with excellent results, for much, much less money than it costs, since it is a lamp with a simple design to imitate, and be able to enjoy our Z1 Cotton Lamp totally personalized and to taste, thanks to these DIY’s.

One of them is made by Michele Dopp, founder of Fabric And Steel, and which we can see below:

To see how to do it, we can visit this link, where they explain how to do it step by step. Although I anticipate that it is very simple to make, and with materials that have a total cost of, probably, less than € 50.

The second lamp plays at home, as the DIY to create the Z1 Cotton Lamp, it is suggested by the blogger Sonia, from the blog En Miss Manos:

With a different design than the previous one but more faithful to the original, Sonia tells us here, on her blog, how to do it step by step, with some photos and steps to follow very well explained, so that we can see how she has done it, and be able to copy it.

Of course there are other DIY’s to make the Z1 Cotton Lamp, but I wanted to put these two because of their relative simplicity and economy, and because between the two, although they share the same character, there are big differences, in case we want something different. If you want to see more ideas, with a simple search on the Internet you will find other proposals.


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