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The matte finish digs up the shine, in all areas, and the manufacturers of bathroom accessories have known how to read the market well and are also joining this trend, such as the firm Clever, which has new taps designed in matte white or black. to put the finishing touch in the most current bathrooms.

If you are looking for a different and modern tap, away from the traditional chrome, take note of these that we are going to see, as they are the most desired taps for their finish and design.

Start Elegance by Clever taps

One of the most elegant taps from the Clever firm, the Start Elegance, reinvents itself and adds matte white and matte black to its finishes, in addition to its classic chrome.

Its compact and elegant design that adapts to any bathroom style is added to the sophistication and modernity of matte, a current trend finish.

A tap that has a high-precision mixer to adjust the flow or temperature very easily, and that has an adjustable aerator to adjust the direction of the water jet.

With its 5-year warranty, this design tap has become the right element for those looking for an alternative to height for a stylish bathroom, in black, creating an attractive contrast with the white ceramic, or in white, blending in with elegance in its natural environment.

See more details of Clever’s Start Elegance taps.

Agora Xtreme faucet

Another of the most popular models of the Clever firm, the Agora Xtreme, has also undergone a restyling and now we can find it in a matte finish, both in white and black, in addition to its two different sizes of 10.5 cm, or 24 cm, and, of course, in its traditional chrome.

This is one of the most sought after faucets when it comes to combining a bowl or bowl-type sink thanks to its elegant and streamlined aesthetic.

In addition to its polished design, the Agora Xtreme has EcoNature technology, which means that with a gentle gesture the tap receives the right flow for regular daily use, saving on average 50% in water consumption.

We can also adjust it with a simple gesture, lifting the lever, so that the tap gives us the maximum flow.

Also, a precision mixer to achieve perfect temperature adjustment and an adjustable aerator, make the Agora Xtreme matt white or black one of the most sought after taps for modern bathrooms today.

See more details of the Agora Xtreme tap.

Clever Nine Xtreme Shower Set

Not only in bathroom faucets has the matte finish been added. For a matching, complete bathroom, Clever has also launched its successful Nine Xtreme extendable shower set in matt black.

One of the highest quality models, with superb finishes, now also available in attractive matt black to create shower areas brimming with style and good taste.

And I’m not saying it, it’s its more detailed characteristics, which are what have made this shower set one of the most demanded:

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Safety Block: A device that prevents temperatures above 38ºC if it is applied inadvertently, since, to raise the water temperature to more degrees, you have to press a button.

Automatic blocking: If cold water is cut off for any reason, it is blocked.

Extendable tube.

Ceramic Control: Ceramic discs with a 90º turning mount plus thermal insulation to prevent the knob from heating up.

Cold Touch: Special anti-burn faucet for the little ones, since it always stays cool to the touch, preventing the body of the tap from getting hot and burning.

A complete and safe shower system, now in matt black, for the most demanding, or in a more traditional chrome finish.

See more details of Clever’s Nine Xtreme shower set.

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